The role of the Centre is to explore the diverse ways in which the Bible has been interpreted, including its reception in different cultural media, such as literature, art and music.

The Centre aims to:

  • create a research network which focuses on the use and influence of the Bible
  • foster exchange between scholars working on the biblical text in different faculties and different universities, providing a dynamic forum where they can meet and engage in dialogue.
  • promote an approach to interpreting biblical texts that highlights the significance of the history of interpretation through regular seminars, day conferences, international conferences, and publications.

More information about the Centre’s recent activities can be found in an article published by the Centre Director, Dr Christine Joynes: ‘Changing Horizons: Reflections on a Decade at Oxford University’s Centre for Reception History of the Bible’ Journal of the Bible and its Reception (2014) 1 (1): 161-71.