Seminar Series: Summer (Trinity) 2005

Week 2 (2 May)

Reading the Bible as a Key to Dostoevsky's Fiction
Prof George Pattison (University of Oxford)

Week 4 (16 May)

Hell in the Bible and in Christian History: Towards a Moral Critique
Prof Heikki Raisanen (University of Helsinki)

Week 6 (30 May)

Hussey Seminar - Velasquez and the Bible: A Hermeneutical Challenge
Prof David Jasper (University of Glasgow)

Week 8 Hussey Seminar (13 June)

Michele di Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio (1503-1577): A Strozzi Villa Fresco Cycle of Redemptive Epiphany
Prof Heidi Hornik (Baylor University)