Seminar Series: Winter (Michaelmas) 2007

Week 2 (15 October)

The Apocalypse according to Johnny Cash: Examining the 'Effect' of the Book of Revelation on a Contemporary Apocalyptic Writer
Dr John Lyons (University of Bristol)

Week 4 (29 October)

Representations of Biblical Women in Christian Art ('Biblical Women and their Afterlives' series)
Dr Mary Charles-Murray (University of Oxford)

Week 6 (12 November)

Imago Dei or Adam’s Rib? Feminists Debate the Church Fathers’ Accounts of the First Woman ('Biblical Women and their Afterlives' series)
Dr Morwenna Ludlow (University of Exeter)

Week 8 (26 November)

“The Bible of Hell”: Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of William Blake’s Birth, and his Contribution to the Bible in Art, Music and Literature
Prof Christopher Rowland (University of Oxford)